ACDIS update: Vaping, anemia, respiratory failure, physician burnout—all coming up on the ACDIS Podcast!

CDI Blog - Volume 12, Issue 126

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The ACDIS Podcast: Talking CDI is a biweekly live podcast devoted to hot topics in CDI. Here’s what listeners can expect to hear on the airwaves over the coming weeks:

  • Wednesday, October 9: Haaris Ali, MD, CDIP, and Cesar Limjoco, MD, join hosts ACDIS Director Brian Murphy and CDI Education Director Laurie Prescott to discuss vaping-associated pulmonary injury syndrome and the documentation concerns connected to this newly discussed diagnosis.
  • Wednesday, October 23: Paul Evans, RHIA, CCDS, CCS, CCS-P, joins Murphy and Prescott for a deep-dive into the different types of anemia.
  • Wednesday, November 6: Prescott and Murphy break down the ins and outs of acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute respiratory failure.
  • Wednesday, November 20: Analyn Dolopo-Simon, RN, BSN, CCDS, ACM, discusses how CDI professionals can positively change the physician burnout crisis.

If you haven’t listened before or you’re just a bit behind, make sure to peruse the archives on the ACDIS website or subscribe on Apple Podcasts to listen when it’s convenient for you. The show is free for both ACDIS members and non-members alike. You can also register to listen live by clicking here.

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