ACDIS update: When it comes to finding a workspace, 43% of CDI professionals have dedicated hospital space

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 15

Awhile back, ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald got two emails asking where CDI professionals physically work in the hospital from two separate members. On the same day. Within a two-hour span. When this happens, the ACDIS team takes notice and tries to get to the bottom of the question. In this instance, a new membership poll was deployed.

The poll closed last week with 664 responses—clearly indicating it resonated with ACDIS members. According to the results, CDI specialists work in the following physical locations:

In a dedicated CDI office space


In the HIM/coding department


We’re 100% remote


On the units


In the quality department


In a separate building (i.e., corporate office, etc.)


We don’t have a set location in the facility


If you have a CDI question you’d like answered, send it to Archibald ( The ACDIS team is happy to do some digging for you and the ACDIS community is more than willing to share their experiences, too. And, don’t forget to participate in the newest poll on CDI career ladders.

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