Day 3 general session recap: Joe Tye challenges attendees to become better people

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 23

Attendees of this morning’s final general session left reenergized, after two full days of sessions, networking, and fun. Joe Tye offered advice for how individuals can look into a mirror to see the lion inside themselves and overcome negative self-talk, become a better humans, and positively change the culture around you.

“Cultures don’t change until people change,” he said. “And people will not change unless you provide them with the tools to do so.”

Tye then walked attendees through seven promises—one for each day of the week—and encouraged them to say those promises four times per day, taking up roughly one minute of their time per day. Each promise encourages individuals to improve their outlooks, ask for help, and ultimately become better people. After a certain period of time, he said, those promises will take hold and become reality.

“There are two outcomes that could happen,” he said, “either you stop saying the promises because of the cognitive dissonance, or you start to change.”

But that decision will likely be uncomfortable, he said. When you start to make promises about your own self talk, asking for help, and more, you’re bound to start seeing how those promises are incongruent with your actual actions. So, before you start, Tye encouraged attendees to ask themselves two questions:

  1. If you made the seven promises, how would your trajectory change professionally and personally?
  2. If your organization embraced the promises, how would the culture change and how much better could you care for the patients at the facility?

Then, after considering the options and envisioning the future, it’s time to take the leap, he said.

“You have to get your hands dirty, […] you have to take a leap, and you have to stop caring what other people might think of you,” Tye said. “You have to know what you want and sometimes you have to have the courage to say yes.”

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