Note from the ACDIS Director: Improvement or Integrity? Please take our ACDIS poll

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 29

By Brian Murphy

ACDIS was formed in 2007, and for the last 12 years has been proud to serve the CDI profession with resources, education, networking, and advocacy on behalf of its more than 6,500 members.

The profession has evolved greatly over that time, and as a result we believe a subtle but important name change may be in order: Changing the “I” in ACDIS from improvement to integrity.

Because we are our members, and our members are ACDIS, the ACDIS advisory board and ACDIS leadership are asking the membership and the broader CDI profession to help us determine if this name change is warranted. Please take a moment to complete this important three question survey. ACDIS leadership will review the results and your commentary to help determine if this change is warranted.

Note: For additional context on why we are considering this change, please view the ACDIS position paper “CDI yesterday, today, and tomorrow: Staying relevant in changing times.” Clinical documentation integrity focuses on ensuring that the documentation in the health record accurately reflects the clinical picture of the complexity of the patient’s condition and treatment provided.

Clinical documentation integrity professionals serve as facilitators in ensuring the overall integrity of the record, without losing sight of the clinical aspect of the role and depicting the clinical truth of a given encounter. The linked paper includes examples of new areas of CDI focus and examples of ensuring the overall integrity of the health record.

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Editor’s note: Murphy is the director of ACDIS. Contact him at