Note from the Associate Editor: We had a blast ‘Under the Sea-DI’ with you!

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 43

by Jess Fluegel

When I joined the ACDIS team earlier this year, one of my first meetings was focused on a very serious, very influential topic: the theme for CDI Week 2022! It was so fun brainstorming what would be the most enjoyable for the CDI community, especially when we found parallels between the CDI world and an ocean of discovery often left under the surface. I think I speak for most when I say that, after the past week of festivities, “Under the Sea-DI” helped us all dive deeper into the accomplishments and bright future of CDI.

The ACDIS team works hard every year to gather data and synthesize insights on the state of the industry. We’re thankful to everyone who participated in the 2022 CDI Week Industry Overview Survey, which we released at the beginning of CDI Week. If you haven’t had a chance yet to read through it, this report is a great tool to get a picture of industry trends across the board. It includes comparisons to the survey results from years prior as well to give you a full scope of how far CDI efforts have come and where they may be headed next.

Exploring even deeper, we also hosted the 2022 CDI State of the Industry webinar, which featured a panel of CDI experts breaking down this year’s industry trends, and it turned out to be a resounding success. If you were one of the few who missed this in-depth discussion while it was broadcasted live, you’re in luck—the webinar recording is now available on our website in this year’s CDI Week materials or right here! Plus, you can get 1.5 ACDIS CEUs by watching the webinar and taking the accompanying survey for one full calendar year (the survey will close September 15, 2023).

I was lucky to work with the Furthering Education Committee this year in preparation for CDI Week, and I can’t thank each of them enough for their contributions in our CDI Week Q&A articles that allowed ACDIS to release content daily to the CDI community. The insight provided by each of these professionals is worth taking the time to read if you missed any of them throughout last week, touching on the industry survey results as well as their own observations in the CDI field as it excels today.

CDI Week is also a time for professional development, and I hope you took advantage of some of the discounts offered throughout the week to further your education. If you missed it, we’ve extended all the discounts till the end of this week (September 23), so you still have a chance for a big catch. You can shop all those discounts here.

Last, I loved interacting with you all over email and social media and getting to see how you and your CDI programs celebrated this amazing profession. A favorite photo of mine showed a variety of gourmet sea salts which the department gifted to their team—how creative! I also appreciated that so many of you focused in on the recognition part of CDI Week, spending time to spotlight the efforts of your coworkers and staff. It’s a wonderful and rare thing, how the CDI community supports and lifts each other.

While I’m sad to sea the end of all our kriller puns, I’m excited for all that ACDIS has in store for the CDI community next with our upcoming 15th anniversary of ACDIS, virtual outpatient event, and of course the next national conference! In the meantime, remember to check out any of these educational CDI Week materials you missed, available on the ACDIS website here.

Until then, just keep swimming!

Editor’s note: Fluegel is an associate editor for ACDIS, which is based in Middleton, Massachusetts. Contact her at

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