Note from the Associate Editorial Director: Make use of ACDIS data

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 24

by Linnea Archibald

As I’ve told readers before, I love data. This surprises no one more than me, trust me. I am a writer and an editor, so it follows that numbers wouldn’t exactly be my thing. Yet the more I’ve learned about data and benchmarking and the ways it can help guide your efforts, the more I’ve grown to love it.

Over the years, ACDIS’ survey data has helped us shape our educational offerings and better serve members’ needs, but that’s not the end of its potential helpfulness. CDI professionals have also used the data we’ve released to expand their programs to new review areas, hire new staff, advocate for raises and career ladders, and more. There’s a wealth of information available and so I want to take a minute in today’s CDI Strategies to guide you to the data that may meet your immediate needs.

First, for those looking to expand their teams, hire new staff, or advocate for raises, take a look at the latest CDI Salary Survey. I wrote about this survey extensively back when it published earlier this year, so you can find more insight into how to leverage its contents there.

Those looking for data surrounding outpatient CDI expansion, outpatient review focuses, and more, can leverage the following surveys:

CDI professionals looking to expand their impact related to quality measures also have a few resources at their disposal, including the 2021 Leadership Council report on measuring and valuing quality and the 2020 CDI Week Industry Survey (specifically pp. 8-9 and figures 32-36).

If you’re making the case for additional technological solutions for your CDI team, check out these survey reports:

Those in leadership roles who may be looking for resources surrounding CDI metrics, particularly productivity, take a look at:

Finally, because physician engagement is so central to the CDI process, ACDIS also has several survey reports that can help you benchmark your engagement metrics and work to identify potential issues and solutions to those issues. These include:

Of course, these surveys are just a selection of the large catalog available on the ACDIS website, but I hope they provide you with a helpful starting point for your next CDI endeavor. We also always recommend poking around the site yourself, but if you ever need help locating some data, please contact us. We’ll likely be able to either help you locate the data or be able to gather that data during an upcoming survey.

Editor’s note: Archibald is the associate editorial director of publications & membership for ACDIS, which is based in Middleton, Massachusetts. Contact her at

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