Note from the Associate Editorial Director: Quarterly Call today; tap into ACDIS networking opportunities

CDI Strategies - Volume 13, Issue 53

by Melissa Varnavas

At 1 p.m., eastern today, ACDIS Director Brian Murphy and members of the ACDIS Advisory Board opened the lines on an hour-long free webinar for ACDIS members. The topic of today’s discussion was physician engagement; specifically looking at clinically integrated CDI efforts at Vidant Health in North Carolina and Essentia Health serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Idaho. (ACDIS members can listen to the recording of the call by visiting the “Quarterly Calls” section under the “Events & Education” tab on the ACDIS website.)

During the call, they discussed the job description of CDI specialists at these organizations, described the theory behind clinically integrated CDI, and talked about the benefits and challenges of this model.

Today’s call kicked off an extended project for the Advisory Board and ACDIS administration in seeking out opportunities for greater CDI and physician engagement. Year after year, ACDIS members have continuously pointed to physician support, buy-in, and engagement as their number one challenge. And over the years, CDI professionals have developed several ingenious ways to address the concern from tip sheets, newsletters, games, one-on-one education, online learning, and yes, even chocolate, cookies, and other rewards for physician participation.

The information shared on the call sparked some fresh insight into physician engagement approaches and enabled participants to bring these concepts forward to better track that engagement and adapt practices to improve outcomes. That’s the benefit of ongoing networking available through ACDIS. The Quarterly Calls represent just one way to share, learn, and grow alongside CDI peers, alongside experienced experts and program leaders in field.

Having just returned from the ACDIS Leadership Exchange and Outpatient CDI Symposium in Austin, if there is one thing that I love about this association and coming to work every day (my passion) is the capacity we collectively have to share our stories and help each other in the endeavor to constantly improve. So, I encourage you to listen to the recording that will be available with 24-hours, submit your thoughts and questions, and reach out to us with your own stories related to this endeavor.

Editor’s note: Varnavas is the associate editorial director for ACDIS. Contact her at

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