Note from the Editorial Director: New opportunities for ACDIS involvement

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 2

by Melissa Varnavas

It was a cold January day in 1961, 61 years ago next week. The words “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for country,” uttered over the inauguration podium, resonating across the airwaves. Now, repeated a thousand times, and a thousand times again.

John F. Kennedy’s words resonate through the ages because they flip the expectation of political promises into a democratic reality that embodies both personal and collective responsibility. That each of us, individually, has a responsibility to do what we can. Furthermore, that when each of us steps forward we can accomplish much together.

It is January 2022, now, and a bitterly cold day here in New England. The wind chill marked by negative degrees. Every second thought we have, or report we see, reminds us that we continue to be in the midst of a pandemic that has morphed expectations of our own resilience.

Against the backdrop, we nevertheless step forward into the new year. At ACDIS, that means a renewed call for your help, a request that perhaps you might ask what you can do for your association.

One of the easiest ways to help is to participate in ACDIS surveys and polls. Now through Monday, January 17, ACDIS is collecting responses to its annual Membership Survey. The survey provides a glimpse into members’ needs, wants, and even frustrations. Your responses, your participation, is invaluable as ACDIS seeks to improve its offerings within the membership and the broader industry.

Last week, ACDIS  called for volunteers with three committee openings including:

  • Chapter Advisory Board where members serve as liaisons between local chapter leaders and ACDIS national administration by participating on chapter leadership conference calls, promoting best practice, and providing guidance to leaders across the country.
  • Certification Committee where members maintain and update the CCDS and CCDS-O Certification Programs, including the exam and its prerequisites, and serve as a resource to the ACDIS national administration.
  • Forms & Tools Committee where members review materials donated to the ACDIS community for publication in the Resource Library for accuracy, compliance, relevance, and effectiveness.

Many of ACDIS’ local chapters need new volunteer help as well. (Read the Local chapter update this week to learn more.) Participation in any of these efforts requires roughly one hour per month via conference call, plus a few additional hours for research and review.

Benefits for both the open boards and committees as well as local chapter leadership include discounts on national membership, professional development, and additional discounts on products and services related to committee activities. To find out more about the committee responsibilities, visit the Boards & Committee page and review the groups’ “Scope of Work.”  To apply for any of these committees, click here and fill out the requested information throughout the month of January.

Our Annual Conference, taking place May 2-5, seeks proposals for its poster session. There are roughly 40 open slots for posters, which highlight a case study, investigative process, or new CDI education/expansion effort. Presenters receive $200 off the price of conference admission. To submit a proposal, click here.

Finally, the nomination period for the annual ACDIS Achievement Awards is open now through January 27. We know so many past and present ACDIS volunteers have put their energy wholeheartedly into their own professional actions, the advancement of their organization’s CDI efforts, and the advancement of others. To review the individual awards and the requirements/expectations visit the conference pages on the ACDIS website. We hope to see many of your names in this year’s group of nominees.

To read more about poster presentation proposals and the Achievement Awards application process, read this week’s Conference corner: Call for poster presenters and award applications is officially open­.

Kennedy’s famous quote has been used so frequently as to seem cliché, perhaps, but I lean on its resonance. Our traditional ways of connecting may have been restricted due to the pandemic but I know the true generosity of the CDI community and its ability to reach beyond the obstacles faced, to share their experiences and questions, and help others. We’ve come so far because of so many of you stepping forward over the past decade. We have horizons yet to witness, steps yet to be taken. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to volunteer and offer your services to ACDIS in some manner, great or small.

Editor’s Note: Varnavas is the Editorial Director for ACDIS and works closely with our volunteer event planning committee and ACDIS staff on a wide-range of educational and networking events. Contact her at