Obtaining pre-approval to offer official CCDS Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for your program, event, or facility

(Click here for the list of items ACDIS accepts as continuing education credits (CEUs) for CCDS recertificaiton)

(Click here to download the non-chapter CEU application)

(Click here to download the local chapter CEU application)

Applications for pre-approval for CCDS Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be submitted in advance of all training and education programs. ACDIS requests at least 30 days to review, approve and process applications. Any fees due must be paid before the CEU certificate will be issued.

CEUs will be issued on a one-hour-equals-one-CEU basis. CEUs are not issued for welcoming and opening remarks, breaks, or informal discussions outside the training session.

Training sessions must be a minimum of one hour in length. Fractions of hours over one hour are accepted (e.g. a 1 ½ hour program).

ACDIS will issue CEUs for activities that provide training and education on CDI-related topics such as ICD-10, clinical disease or diagnosis, disease process, coding, documentation improvement activities, related technology, DRG, reimbursement, anatomy and physiology, or diagnosis/pathophysiology education.

Training may be conducted face-to-face as a seminar, workshop or lecture, as an audio conference or webinar, or as an online or elearning program.

The application must be accompanied by speaker/presenter bio(s) with credentials, a list of learning objectives, a list of benefits to the attendee, and a timed agenda.

ACDIS reserves the right to examine the program content prior to issuing a CEU certificate.

Effective January 1, 2019, fees for CEUs for third party vendors and facilities are as follows:

For profit vendors and organizations:

  • One CEU - $150
  • Two CEUs - $175
  • Three CEUs - $200
  • Four CEUs - $225
  • Five CEUs- $250
  • Prices increase by $25 per CEU for programs over 5 CEUs

Non-profit organization purchases:

  • One CEU - $75
  • Two CEUs - $100
  • Three CEUs - $125
  • Four CEUs- $150
  • Five CEUS- $175
  • Prices increase by $25 per CEU for programs over 5 CE

Click here to download the non-chapter CEU application.

Local Chapter Continuing Education Pre-Approval Process

There is no fee for CEU applications from ACDIS Local Chapters. Click here to download the Local Chapter application. Local chapter leaders should complete and send in the form on behalf of their event speakers and/or event hosts. In adddition to Penny Richards, please also cc ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald at larchibald@acdis.org. Additional instructions about how to submit the application and required supporting materials are on the application.