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Behind the Scenes: Reviewing the 2020 CDI Week Industry Survey

Did you know that nearly 41% of CDI departments are involved in the denials management or appeals process and nearly 40% of their denials come from private payers? Did you know that more than 80% of CDI professionals query, even when the query outcome only impacts a quality measure rather than reimbursement?

The data found within this year’s CDI Week Industry Survey can offer CDI professionals insight not only into their own professional careers but also into the direction of their CDI programs compared to their peers, and trends within the broader CDI industry.

Each year, the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) surveys CDI professionals nationwide to take the pulse of the CDI industry. This year, roughly 850 respondents answered questions regarding denials management, key performance indicators (KPI), physician engagement, quality reviews, and outpatient CDI.

Now, ACDIS is ready to help unpack the meaning of the survey results and provide additional perspectives via a panel of experts. Join us for a free webinar, featuring an in-depth discussion on the state of the CDI industry and an open question and answer session.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the state of the CDI industry related to denials management, KPIs, physician engagement, quality, and outpatient CDI expansion
  • Identify areas of potential CDI expansion in the near future based on the survey results
  • Apply survey findings and data to their own CDI programs and work