What is an ACDIS white paper?

An ACDIS white paper discusses CDI best practice, advances new ideas, increases knowledge, or offers administrative simplification. It can be written by a board member or a smaller subset of the board, or written by an external source and reviewed by the board. It is less formal than an ACDIS position paper. Note that sponsored content does not imply ACDIS endorsement.

This paper defines a recommended process for medical record review. This includes the important first step of defining the “why” behind the review, and marrying the review outcome to organizational goals.

To read about ACDIS' "hierarchy of authority" of published articles,...

The following white paper offers an overview of the types of acute myocardial infarctions and their accompanying coding requirements. The paper also contains tips for CDI professionals querying providers regarding these complex conditions and some helpful resources.

Please note that the...

This white paper offers a summary of services typically offered by CDI vendors and strategies and best practices for engaging the best vendor for your organization. ACDIS does not endorse any particular vendor or service.

This paper explores the pros and cons of remote CDI. It discloses the hidden costs that must be considered, including hardware, software, and potential travel costs. It provides insight into the type of professional most suited for remote CDI work. It discusses practical implementation...

ACDIS celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2017. To celebrate, the ACDIS team assembled this special report covering everything from the beginnings of ACDIS in 2007, to conferences past, to local chapter events, to hopes for the future.

With the enactment of new payment methodologies and an ongoing shift from fee for service-based payment to pay for performance in the healthcare industry, traditional inpatient CDI metrics including case mix index (CMI), length of stay, and complications/comorbidities/major complications/...

This paper discusses the concept of clinical validation as it has evolved through CMS regulations and coding guidance. It also attempts to establish consensus about how CDI professionals should incorporate clinical validation into their practice.

The following white paper provides an overview of the history of sepsis definitions, the changes set in motion in 2016 with the publication of Sepsis-3, and the evidence surfacing since then.

The following white paper provides national survey data on chart review productivity of CDI specialists, lists the variables that can reduce or enhance chart review productivity, and provides ACDIS’ recommendations on chart review productivity standards.

The following white paper demonstrates the importance of implementing a career ladder and/or incentive program for your CDI staff. It provides sample models of each that hospitals can consider and adapt for their own use.