Note from the Associate Editorial Director: Changes coming to the ACDIS Podcast in 2023

CDI Strategies - Volume 16, Issue 54

by Linnea Archibald

Since its inception, the ACDIS Podcast has brought the leading experts in CDI to listeners every other Wednesday through informal conversations on the hottest topics in the industry. Historically, the show has not offered continuing education credits because it was designed to be less formal than a traditional educational webinar.

With the format changes that took place in early 2022, however, the podcast interviews became more robust—now averaging 20–25 minutes of the 30-minute show instead of 12–15 minutes. The ACDIS team has worked hard to streamline the episodes, limit advertisements to a strict 1–2-minute slot at the beginning of the show (complete with catchy ad music), and deepen the conversations. Because of these efforts, the show is now ready for its next stage and the ACDIS team is proud to share that starting in 2023, the ACDIS Podcast will offer 0.5 ACDIS CEUs per episode.

This change comes paired with a couple other updates that will allow us to offer CEUs effectively. So, what can listeners expect?

First, after many years of doing the show live, we will be moving to a completely pre-recorded format. While veteran listeners may be disappointed in this change, rest assured we have good reason for it:

  • Instead of confining listeners to a set 30-minute period in order to qualify for the 0.5 CEUs, listeners will have a full 48 hours to listen and take the associated survey.
  • Pre-recording allows the ACDIS team more creative control in order to record and produce the best possible episode and gives guests more flexibility to record their interview at a time that works best for their schedule.
  • Moving away from the GoToWebinar platform will bypass many organizational restrictions currently preventing listeners from joining us live.

Secondly, because the podcast will no longer be live, the way you listen will change. Our schedule will stay the same—every other Wednesday, starting with January 4—but instead of hosting the show live on GoToWebinar, we’ll post the episode to the ACDIS website and to the various podcast apps. For the first two days (till Friday at 11 p.m. eastern), you’ll have the opportunity to claim the 0.5 CEUs by responding to the associated episode survey. After that point, the CEU link will close, but listeners will still be able to access the episode on the website or their podcast app.

Those who are currently subscribed to the Podcast will still receive notification that the new podcast episode is available via our weekly CDI Strategies newsletter.

We know change can be difficult, but we believe the addition of CEUs and other process improvements will result in a better offering for our CDI audience and another valuable opportunity to obtain CEUs at no charge. Rest assured that we will be making the topic schedule available whenever possible so that you can still submit questions on the topics we plan to cover. We want this podcast to continue to be a valued resource for your professional development.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to the ACDIS team at

Editor’s note: Archibald is the associate editorial director for ACDIS. Contact her at

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