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Adapting CDI to Deliver Impactful Outcomes for the Current & Future Healthcare Environment

The rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare has often led to CDI being pulled in multiple directions for various initiatives. Since the impact of accurate and compliant clinical documentation is more expansive today than it was ten years ago, we have to maintain an effective balance between several hospital initiatives which ranges from Finance to Quality. It becomes clear then, that our original approach will only get us so far.  Advancing to a more streamlined and focused approach allows for expansive program growth, while maintaining adherence to the mission of CDI.

Join Deanne Wilk, CDI Manager for Penn State Health and Dr. Terrance Govender, VPMA for ClinIntell on Thursday, October 29th at 1 pm ET, as they discuss Penn State Health’s true north and vision for CDI that breaks the mold of traditional approaches and methodologies to deliver wide-ranging value and true sustainable impact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the specific challenges that traditional approaches and metrics pose to CDI delivering broad-based value
  • Learn what components of a revised approach will increase your chances of success
  • Expand your knowledge on CDI advancement and growth opportunities