Mastermind group

The charges of the modern CDI leader are too complex to brave alone. Enlist the expertise of your own de facto Board of Directors with the ACDIS Leadership Council’s Mastermind group.

Launched in October 2019, this tightknit circle of eight to 10 handpicked Council members commit to advancing concrete business goals and helping their peers do the same. Each meeting will be facilitated by Council membership management in collaboration with a Mastermind member in the "hot seat" to kick off the discussion at hand.

There’s no fee to join. Instead, members are selected based on their successful completion of Council participation requirements in the previous year of membership, commitment to participate in regular meetings, share and receive advice generously, and make meaningful progress in their careers. The application period opens to eligible Council members in July.


Maintain active standing as a Council member by fulfilling all community participation requirements
Attend at least five of the six mastermind meetings held during the term 
Come to each meeting prepared to:

Seek peer advice on your business challenges and opportunities.
Identify steps you’ll take to advance your goals—and follow through.
Share insight to help fellow members make progress toward their priorities, and hold them accountable for the action items they’ve claimed.
Be candid, professional, and receptive.
Uphold group confidentiality and trust.

Why join?

Proven model. For decades, leaders of industry have relied on peer insights gleaned from intimate professional groups to make smart business decisions, advance their causes, and stay agile and energized amid change.

Actionable advice. During meetings, you and your fellow masterminds will take turns in the “hot seat,” sharing a challenge or opportunity and describing the kind of input you’d like. Counseling members will then ask targeted questions, brainstorm strategies, and offer advice. Based on this feedback, you’ll commit to a course of action and report on progress in the next meeting.

Lasting relationships. You’ll chart a path toward success thanks to the ongoing support of leaders who know your world, know you, and set fresh eyes on your priorities.

Questions? Email ACDIS Associate Editorial Director Linnea Archibald (