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Current opportunities

Current Council opportunities include:

Contribute to Council initiatives, and earn ACDIS CEUs.

Respond to the CDI Week Industry Survey by July 11, 2021.

Encourage colleagues who are interested in the Council to join our new alert list. We'll email them about open application periods and related leadership opportunities as they arise.

Don't see your contribution idea here? Use our quick and easy pitch form to share a topic or professional achievement that you'd like to see highlighted in an upcoming Council initiative, and earn ACDIS CEUs for your efforts.

Learn how we share data with Council sponsors

By participating in the Council, you grant permission for ACDIS and HCPro to share certain information about you with Council sponsors.

More specifically, when you participate in a sponsored Council activity (e.g., a sponsored survey or a call covering findings from a sponsored survey), you grant ACDIS and HCPro permission to share the following details about you with the sponsor of said activity, as applicable:

Selected contact information (i.e., name, title, organization, physical address, email address, and phone number).

Aggregate/summary survey data: This information may include response breakdowns/trends corresponding to all survey participants and/or certain subgroups (e.g., directors, respondents from large organizations). It may also include comparative response information about certain subgroups (e.g., directors vs. managers, respondents from large vs. small organizations). Individual participant responses, however, will remain anonymous. This means that, unless ACDIS and HCPro receive your express permission, we will not send sponsors your individual responses to multiple-choice questions or grant them access to segmented data that could be used to identify these individual selections. We will also deidentify any write-in comments you submit as part of a survey response before sharing them with the sponsor.

Council call covering findings from a sponsored survey: A sponsor may be granted access to the following aspects of a call in which a survey they sponsored is discussed: the live call, the call recording, materials distributed as part of the call, and/or a list of Council members who attended the call (along with the selected contact information highlighted previously in this list).

This list is subject to change as the Council debuts new and enhanced opportunities for members in partnership with sponsors. We will notify Council members of updates as they occur.