Barbi Kantner, RN, CCDS, & Lori LaFaver, RN, BSN, CCDS

This presentation reviewed lessons learned for concurrent CDI reviews of the emergency department, including ideas for how to engage resistant providers and engaging the coding team in the process.

Brian Ice, RHIT, & Linda Danhires, BSN, CCDS, COC

Attendees were able to understand how to prove the relevancy of CDI through leveraging data, chart reviews, physician-to-physician training, and physician champions. Attendees were guided through a sample action plan for...

Deanne Wilk, CCDS, CCS, CMS

This presentation discussed the role of CDI in population health social determinants and the organizational impact it can have on quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, and public reporting.

Cassi L. Birnbaum, MS, RHIA, CPHQ, FAHIMA

Attendees learned how to redesign the coding and documentation enterprise to create a holistic, singular approach to improve HCC risk adjustment coding, enterprise charge capture, quality, and medical necessity edits.

Lauren B. Shivers, MSHI, RN, CPC, & Julian Everett, BSN, RN, CDIP

This presentation provided insight into the need for mortality review in the pediatric population based on low severity and risk scores, as well how to develop a mortality review process and obtain support from...

Donald A. Butler, RN, BSN

Knowledge drawn from data analysis is a powerful tool to help CDI programs identify the most likely opportunities. However, in this increasingly complex environment of CDI practice, it is equally imperative to understand those areas that need to be...

Marietta L. Morhardt, RN, BSN, CPN, CCM, & Pam McCall, BSN, CCM, CPN

This presentation covered the various conditions, syndromes, symptomology, and potential sequelae that involve disorders in the pediatric brain, including with anatomical differences, specifics of genetic...

Megan H. Cortazzo, MD

Success hinges on developing strong and collaborative relationships within the hospital system. No matter where your organization is currently with respect to the development of your CDI program, this session provides insight into key stakeholders,...

Karen Bridgeman, MSN, RN, CCDS

This session will focused on the unique clinical indicators for malnutrition and respiratory failure in the pediatric and neonatal population. Participants reviewed compliant queries and develop strategies for physician engagement.

Karen D. Elmore, RN, BSN, CCDS, & Julie Weiss, RN, CCDS, CCS, CRC

Attendees learned how to add sparkle to your program by providing a second look at the records prior to the record being billed. Learn ways to advance to the next level in record review with the addition of a...